CTC works with developers to improve the newest Kroger’s future tree canopy

On March 5th the Mayor and commission will meet to vote on plans for the newest Kroger development at Hull Road and Highway 29. In order for the developer to proceed with the current design proposal, ACC will need to grant seven waiver requests, including relief from the ACC tree management ordinance requirement that development must retain and protect at least 10% of a sites existing tree canopy.

During the second week in February, CTC met with the developer to discuss the intent of the tree ordinance, the value of existing (mature) tree canopy, and share suggestions for mitigating total mature canopy loss on this site. To ensure future canopy area and minimize forest site disturbance, we suggested that the developer set aside one acre of unused land for the purpose of future forest regeneration area. Though the regeneration area doesn’t have to be planted, it would need to be appropriately protected from traffic or other site disturbance activities to limit soil compaction and promote natural reforestation. To decrease the time lag between bare site and mature canopy, we suggested the developer upsize trees installed in the main Kroger parking lot from two- inch caliper to three-inch caliper trees. We voiced support for the project at the planning commissioners meeting on February 7th, provided that the developer would make earnest efforts to incorporate additional steps for mitigating the total mature canopy loss on the site. After the planning commmission hearing, the developer agreed to give our suggestions further consideration as the development engineering and planning continues.