CTC works with local restaurant to preserve tree canopy

CTC works with local restaurant to preserve tree canopy

The Community Tree Council (CTC) is proud to have worked with the owners of the 5&10 restaurant, the Planning Department, and the Planning Commission to avoid a canopy conservation waiver for their new site at 1073 S. Milledge Avenue.

This site—commonly known as the Hawthorne House—is very small and only contains a few large trees. These trees happen to include two large white oaks at the back of the property. It was initially thought that a canopy waiver would be required because improvements to the site would compromise too many of the existing trees.

After reaching out to the owner of the 5&10, the CTC was able to set up a meeting at the site with project architects to look at alternative construction techniques that could be used on site.

Fortunately, this meeting resulted in an option to rotate a new building addition and slightly change its use in such a way that the roots of one of its historic white oaks could be conserved.

The owner went one step further and crafted a protection and post-construction care plan that exceeds tree ordinance requirements and does as much as possible to ensure that the tree continues to be an asset to the site for years to come.

The CTC has recently sent a letter of support regarding the project to the Commission. The CTC would like to thank Hugh Acheson, the 5&10, Williams and Associates, and Katrina Evans for their efforts to preserve an amazing tree. This is an excellent example on how trees and development can coexist when all parties are willing to carefully consider alternative development methods.