Fall is tree planting time!

As the summer moves into fall it’s a good time to take stock of the trees on your property. Start from inside the house. Do you notice if there is a sunny window in the late afternoon that heats up the house? The western sun is particularly brutal and can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your air conditioning and your family’s overall comfort.

Now look outside from that window and see if there is an appropriate setting for a tree that would help to shade the sun. This is a great place to put a tree if you have the opportunity. Many trees can serve the function of shade trees, and the Athens Tree Council will be offering them for sale at great prices at the upcoming Tree Fair and Sale, scheduled for October 22 at 9 am, at Bishop Park. We schedule the Fair for this time of year because it is by far the best season for planting and establishing new trees.

Here is a partial list of deciduous shade trees selected by local arborists to adapt well to planting in the Athens area. Many other trees will be available at the Fair as well.

- American Hornbeam;

- Black Tupelo;

- Chinese Pistache;

-American Elm “Princeton,” a tough tree that shrugs off Dutch Elm Disease.

Smaller trees that can cast shade when planted close to the house include:

- Crepe Myrtle “Tonto” or “Dynamite;”

- Magnolia Virgininia “Jane” (a spring-flowering small tree, not to be confused with the evergreen Southern magnolia;)

- Foster or Emily Brunner Holly;

- Japanese Maple “Bloodgood;”

- Trident Maple.


by Dan Jackson