Programs & Events


Trees for Tomorrow Program

Trees for Tomorrow Commemorative Tree Program initiated by the Community Tree Council (CTC) is supported by the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County (ACC).

This program is specifically designed for tree plantings recognizing a person, place, time or event. The program has been in place for over ten years with the intent of raising funds to underwrite future plantings.

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School Yard Shade Program

The School Yard Shade Program was a pilot study created by the GA Forestry Commission’s Sustainable Community Forest Program (GFC) to demonstrate how tree placement can ameliorate the negative effects of ultraviolet light and high temperatures on a school landscape.

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Champion Trees Program

The ACC (Athens-Clarke County) Community Tree Council (CTC) and the ACC Central Services Department, Landscape Management Division (LMD) jointly sponsor a program to find the County’s Champion Tree for each species of tree that is growing in Clarke County, Georgia. A Champion Tree is simply the largest representative tree of its species in the county.

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Each year GreenFest events are hosted March through May to encourage learning and provide tools necessary for creating an environmentally friendly community.

TREE CITY USA, Athens-Clarke County

In February 2001, Athens-Clarke County was designated a Tree City USA. This important designation is assigned to select communities by the National Arbor Day Foundation in recognition of their commitment to tree and community forest stewardship.

Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a week long celebration in Athens-Clarke County, which includes a tree planting at an area school and some additional activities. Beginning in 1999 at Fowler Drive Elementary School, a seedling from that magnificent white oak, The Tree that Owns Itself, has also been planted at the school.

The official National Arbor Day celebration is held the third week in April (the first being April 22, 1932). Because of its southern geographical position, Arbor Day in Georgia is celebrated on the third Friday in February. The activities of the CTC are such as to recognize the third week in February as “Arbor Day Week”.

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Friends of Trees Awards

Beginning in 1997 the Urban Tree Advisory Committee, followed by the Community Tree Council, has presented the Friend of Trees Award to persons or organizations that exemplify good stewardship of trees in Athens-Clarke County.

Selection of recipients is based on the use and/or preservation of trees in unique ways that enhance property aesthetics and/or demonstrate protection and concern for the environment. Since 1997, 35 awards have been presented.