About Us

The Athens-Clarke County Community Tree Council

The Athens-Clarke County (ACC) Community Tree Council (CTC) was established on October 3, 2000 by ordinance of the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County, GA to be an interface between the local government and the citizenry.
The CTC is comprised of 15 members, 14 of whom are nominated by the Mayor and Commission. The 5th voting member is the ACC Community Forester who serves as the permanent Secretary for the CTC.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a sustainable community forest through information and tree policy recommendations, education and outreach, and promotional campaigns that highlight the vital role of trees in the community.

Our Goal

Our goal is to sustain and improve the tree canopy in Athens-Clarke County and the surrounding community forests.  To do that we:

  1. Offer educational programs and forums for people of all ages which highlight the value of trees and encourage tree conservation;
  2. Collaborate with local government landscape management facilities, the local school district, and state, regional, and local organizations that have similar goals; and
  3. Provide opportunities for participation in tree planting through multiple planting events, provide donor programs that support planting large trees in public spaces, distribute free tree seedlings, and sell a wide assortment of tree species at our annual Tree Fair.

Our Structure

The fifteen-member Athens-Clarke County Community Tree Council is composed of an Executive Committee, a Steering Committee, three Standing Committees.


Administrative in nature, the Executive Committee convenes only to resolve emergency or extremely time-critical issues.

Members include:

President                     Treasurer
President-Elect           Secretary

Overall planning, policy development and priority setting support is supplied through a Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is comprised of 2 committee groups:

Executive Committee
Standing Committee Chairs

Local programs, events and other tree-related activities are carried out by Standing Committee.

The Committee is comprised of 3 sub-committees:

Education Committee              Policy Committee                    Promotion Committee 

More About the Standing Committees

The purpose of the Education Committee is to establish and maintain education and outreach programs for local schools and organizations.

We collaborate with other organizations to bring better programs and activities that promote trees and the forest resource here in Athens, GA.

Collaborative and Educational Programs include:



The Policy Committee acquires data to provide information about our trees and the community forest. This information supports the CTC educational and outreach programs.

The Committee is also responsible for providing analyses when advising the county on tree policy and recommendations with regard to the Athens-Clarke County Tree Management Ordinance.

The Athens-Clarke County Tree Management Ordinance was passed into law on June 7, 2005.
By addressing tree densities, species selection and distribution, the Ordinance serves to recognize trees as variables to be considered and properly weighted in the development and land use decision-making process.

The Promotion Committee promotes the Community Tree Council, it’s programs, events and other tree related activities.

We support the Athens-Clarke County Tree Management Ordinance and efforts to protect and maintain the tree canopy in this county.

Activities we promote include:


Tree Council Organization Diagram

The CTC is structured so focus can be directed toward the three major functions of the Council through standing committees as illustrated below.